4 Tips For Removing Snow

28 September 2018
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If you live in a frigid climate, you may deal with having a lot of snow. The good news is you can take care of this situation by working to remove it swiftly. While this may not be your favorite task to do, there are ways of making it much less challenging. Being aware of tips that can help get rid of the snow with less difficulty is sure to be important. Read More 

Products On The Run: Runing Your Sales Inside Of Another Business

25 March 2018
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Securing a business location means that you need to make the same profit as you have been, plus make the money that you need to pay the overhead. Overhead expenses can be thousands to into tens of thousands of dollars depending on the commercial business rent, in-store employees, security, deliveries, and more. Though you may not be able to have an in-store business of your own, there are products that may sell better when they are on the shelves versus being online only. Read More 

Using Thermographic Testing To Reduce Business Risk

13 February 2018
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As a business that provides a product or service, it makes sense to take every precaution you can to reduce risk. Initial and continuous testing is part of the process of reducing that risk. Here is the role thermographic testing should play in this.  What Is Thermographic Testing? In thermographic testing, infrared radiation is coded and evaluated to determine the thermal features of a product. Heat radiation is always present on any object, and it can be measured by scientists, either as a thermal image or as a quantified temperature value. Read More 

2 Questions That You May Have When It Comes To Choosing Commercial Auto Insurance For A Business Vehicle

10 April 2017
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If you a have a business of your own, then you realize just how important insurance is going to be. One kind of insurance that is going to be incredibly important is going to be auto insurance. However, because commercial auto insurance differs a bit from regular auto insurance, you may have a few questions. This article is going to discuss 2 questions that you may have when it comes to choosing commercial auto insurance for a business vehicle. Read More 

3 Tips For Improving The Quality Of Your Dictation Recordings

12 March 2017
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Having access to a written transcript of the conversations that occur during a meeting can be beneficial. Transcriptionists specialize in converting the spoken word to written transcripts, but these professionals are limited by the quality of the recordings they are provided. In order to improve the accuracy of your transcripts, you need to improve the quality of your dictation recordings. Here are three tips that you can use to increase the quality of your recordings in the future. Read More