Intelligent Workstations that Work for Small and Large Businesses

5 June 2014
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Whether you have a small or large business, you need workspace that works for both you and your employees. Today’s workstations offer the same conventional design principles of durability, space-saving features, interchangeable components and design options but are evolving with intelligent design. Companies are able to have open-plan workstations that can adapt to the ongoing changes in the workplace. Companies that need commercial furniture from places like enjoy workstations will find that the evolution of the workstation is right on target with its needs and wants.

As a matter of fact, commercial furniture designers do a lot of research before creating office workstations. The concept behind office furniture design is centered on providing work solutions. Features include:

  • Open workspaces
  • Tech-friendly
  • Sustainability
  • Adaptability
  • User-friendly

The Innovation of Panel-Free Workstations

Workstations with canopies and screens allow for more practical use of the office real estate and greater diversity of workstation set-ups. It's ideal for companies who are seeking more collaborative environments with flexibility and openness. Vertical poles define work areas, make data easily accessible to the user and support hang-on components. Attractive screens help create walkways, divide space and enhance the decor of the infrastructure. Employees get plenty of vertical storage for both work materials and personal items.


Today's workstations have evolved with smart overhead pathway designs. With trusses that transfer both power and data, workstations are easy to plan, light and open. Trusses can hold cables, electrical harness and circuits. Poles can be placed for multiple receptacles. Today's trusses are also designed in efficient patterns that need less cable. With the advanced technology of zone distribution, overhead pathways designs are easy to install and take less time to reconfigure data networks. Even if you want to resize a work area, frames can easy be removed without disturbing the data network or power. Getting connected and making adaptations has never been easier.

Human Centered

Workstations can be designed based on the activity and size of the group. With versatile shapes, the space makes it easy for employees to collaborate, interact and connect. At the same time, workers can get personal territory with canopies and rolling screens for privacy. Acoustical inserts in the screens block out noise and reduces distractions, while transparent screens allows the light to pass through for a non-confining feel. Human-centered workstations are all about creating friendly workspaces that are naturally comfortable and functional. Creating a comfortable work environment helps both attract and retain employees.

Customization Choices for Workstations

Companies can also establish and communicate brand with opportunities for custom screens and canopies. Have your own graphics printed right on these pieces. Go progressive or traditional in style. For a refined look, natural veneers are available. This customization allows employees to feel valued and connected to the company brand. It also communicates a unified company vision for visitors. In addition, customized screens and canopies are the ideal ways to ramp off office decor.


With intelligent design, modern workstations have the philosophy that less is more. Typically, they weigh less than conventional workstations and are highly recyclable. Most contain 49 percent recycled materials and are easy to disassemble for the recycling process. Some are even Greenguard certified. Today's workstations feature environmental sensitivity and sustainability.

There are so many concepts behind intelligent commercial furniture in El Monte Ca. With a holistic perspective, connection and harmony are brought to workspaces and companies. It embodies a straightforward set of elements that create scalable workplaces for individuals, teams and company groups. Versatile materials create an aesthetic appeal throughout the office landscape. Another great benefit from increasing aesthetic appeal is the fact that it will raise employee morale, and with higher morale, there is higher efficiency.