Educate Community Members About Services And Products That Your Building Supply Center Offers

27 January 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Host an open house at your new building supply center to welcome community members and educate them about some of the services and products that you are offering by implementing the following ideas. If people are impressed during the event, they may be interested in doing business with you in the future.

Give A Tour And Provide A Demonstration

Give a tour of the inside of your business  in order to inform people of the wide range of materials that you sell. Provide a description of the materials and insight concerning what types of projects can be completed with specific items. Once the tour is complete, direct everyone to sit down in chairs that you have arranged in a corner of the building center. While standing behind a table, demonstrate how to use basic tools, such as a hammer, nail gun, nail pullers, and drill. List positive attributes of each tool and its cost.

Hold A Workshop To Create A Basic Project 

Prepare a simple project for people to make. A birdhouse or shelf are two items you may want to  consider choosing because individuals will be able to use them once the open house is over. Place precut pieces of wood, hardware, tools, safety goggles, and basic instructions in trays. Line the trays up on a long table. Welcome guests to take part in the workshop and monitor them as they construct the items that you have offered. You can also complete a project alongside everyone so that they can observe and mimic each step that you complete.

Offer Promotional Items And Refreshments

Purchase promotional items, such as rulers or screwdrivers. When placing your order with a distributor, request that your business name, logo, phone number, and address are printed on each promotional item. On the day of the open house, set the promotional items inside of baskets that are next to a table that has refreshments displayed on it. As people help themselves to snacks and drinks, they can take some promotional items if they are interested.

A promotional ruler or screwdriver may come in handy as people are making simple repairs at their homes. Because your business name will be printed on the items, people will constantly be reminded of your building supply center and may be inclined to stop by and make some purchases when they would like to complete renovations at their home or need to fix materials inside of it.