Architectural Signs: How They Differ From Other Types Of Signs

23 February 2017
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Architectural signs have several features you cannot get from other types of signs. Some businesses prefer them for this very reason. Of course, there are also some drawbacks to using these types of signs. If you want more info and clarification on architectural signs and how they differ from other types of signs, the following should be of help to you.

Architectural Signs Are VERY Unique

An architectural sign is any sign that is custom made to be part of the structure to which it is attached. It is custom made to fit the business and what the business does or sells. As such, you cannot get a more unique sign if you tried, and it definitely catches more eyes than light-up or digital banner signs.

Architectural Signs Can Be Reproduced and Trademarked for Your Company

If you have more than one location for your business or company, and you decide to use a custom-designed architectural sign, you can trademark it and use it for all of your locations. This prevents any other business or company from using any part of the sign's design and/or installation features for their own signs. Once the sign has been constructed and installed on your first building, you will need to do the trademark paperwork and then continue to update that paperwork to keep the sign trademarked for your company/business.

Upgrading Architectural Signs Requires Some Structural Engineering

Since architectural signs are often incorporated into the structure of a building (hence, architectural), any updated or upgraded signs for your business will require an architect and/or a structural engineer's input. You want to be sure that the new sign will fit comfortably in the same spot as the old one, and that removing the old one will not require a ton of new construction or remodeling work. An architect or a structural engineer will be able to tell you exactly what shape and size of sign you can get to replace the old one and how to carefully remove the old one to install the new one. Give this information to any contractor you need to hire to complete the job.

Positives and Negatives of Architectural Signs

Some other positives to architectural signs is that clients or customers will always be able to find your location just by the sign, you never have to replace light bulbs, and your sign will make your business/company iconic to the city and/or region wherein you conduct business. Some negatives include the fact that these signs do not often light up, so you will have to use floodlights set on the ground or incorporate a series of lights to see the sign at night, and maintenance is a constant factor. Still, you may want to consider one for its unique qualities and features.

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