Three Ways To Attract Young Adult Consumers To Your Business

8 March 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


You've got the products and services, you've got the business location, and you've even got the staff to help your customers. Do you know how to attract those customers? Identifying your target customer base is relatively easy, but reaching them and drawing them in is not always so simple. If you're looking to reach a young adult audience with your business, there are a few things you can offer that may actually encourage them to stop in.

Add An Internet Cafe

Free wi-fi is always a draw for customers, particularly if you create an internet cafe that's designed to encourage people to come in and linger. Offer coffee and light snacks to encourage longer visits. You can include advertising for your business services on the cups and throughout the cafe area. Set up couches, tables and chairs for a variety of options for people to sit and relax, then they'll be more likely to come back to your business when they're in need of the product or service you're offering.

Buy Arcade Games

Arcade games are a popular draw for many young adults. They're a fun and competitive way to pass the time, and if you pick up some of the older games, there's even some nostalgia. Add a change machine so that quarters are easily accessible, and customers will be likely to hang out for quite a while. The best part is that game rooms like these could potentially expand your customer base. Not only will they attract the young adult audience, they will also attract older adults with children who might be more likely to shop your business if there's something to keep their kids entertained. Talk to a local arcade game supplier about the most popular options for games in your area. Contact a company like Birmingham Vending Company to get started.

Host Open House Events

Once a month, plan an open house event. Send out direct mail flyers, advertise on local radio, and get the word out everywhere you can. During the warm weather season, you can even set up a grill and offer things like hot dogs and hamburgers to customers. Rent inflatable toys and other attractions to offer something for the whole family. Offer a raffle and door prizes as well to give you the opportunity to showcase some of your product line.

When you're looking to reach young adults to grow your business, knowing what to offer them is important. These are three ideas that may help you to draw in your target customer base. Consider doing local surveys for more ideas.