4 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Document Scanner

10 December 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


In an effort to reduce their necessary storage space and lower their paper usage, many businesses are opting to scan their important documents instead of filing them. If you want to produce digital copies of your business's important documents, a document scanner can help your company make the switch to digitization. When shopping for a document scanner, keep the following details in mind to make sure your new equipment is right for your company's needs. 

1. Where You Plan to Scan the Documents

You might plan on using your document scanner in a single location, or you may with to use it at multiple locales. If your plans involve transporting the document scanner on a daily basis, you should look for a lightweight model with a compact design. This will make it less cumbersome to transport the scanner, and when it is time to set it up, it will take up less space in your work area. 

2. Your Preferred Power Source

Take a moment to review what power sources you will have available when it is time to use your document scanner. Some document scanners use an AC adapter that requires a standard electrical outlet. However, other models utilize a USB cord that you can plug into an adapter or tethering device to power the scanner.

If you know that electrical outlets are scarce at your scanning sites, opt for a model that lets you power it via a USB cord. You will have more options to operate the scanner, and you can even scan documents in your car with a USB car adapter.

3. What You Plan to Scan

Certain models are more effective at scanning specific items. For example, some document scanners are designed to scan standard paper documents (or items with a similar thickness), while other options work well if you need to scan thicker items, like laminated documents or ID badges. It's best to stick with a model suited to the items that you plan to scan to hasten the scanning process and ensure your files scan correctly on the first attempt. 

4. How Many Documents You Plan to Regularly Scan

If you know that you need to scan a multitude of documents on a daily basis, it's a smart decision to invest a powerful scanner with a rapid scanning speed. This will reduce the amount of time that your employees have to spend operating the document scanner.

On the other hand, if you know that you only have to scan a handful of files on a sporadic basis, an affordable model with less power will be adequate for your needs.