Details To Evaluate When You Buy A Fire Extinguisher For A Race Car

26 March 2019
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If you're a racing enthusiast who drives his or her own car at local racing events, your primary focus might be on reaching victory lane whenever the green flag waves. You should also give some thought to safety, which can come in several forms. While a fire suit and a race-approved helmet are critical, you should also plan to have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle. It's common for racers to keep this safety device on hand in the event that they need to extinguish a blaze that results from a crash. Here are some details to evaluate when you shop for this fire extinguisher.


When you're looking for a fire extinguisher for your race car, you don't want a full-sized one. While a large extinguisher might be suitable in a home or a restaurant's kitchen, you often can't afford this much space in a tightly confined race car. Instead, you'll want to look for one that is small and portable. The size not only makes it fit inside of your car with ease but also allows you to use it easily. For example, if you're still belted in your seat when you need to put out the fire, a smaller extinguisher is easier to pick up than a larger one.

Mounting Style

Different types of fire extinguishers have different ways that they mount to objects. For example, large fire extinguishers, such as those that are common in commercial buildings, generally have a wall-mount system. You want to choose a device that will mount with ease inside of your race car. Generally, racing enthusiasts mount their fire extinguishers to the exposed roll bars inside of the vehicle. This means that you'll want to look for an extinguisher with a mounting bracket that clamps around a roll bar.

Ease Of Use

Some fire extinguishers can be easier to use than others, and you'll usually want one for your race car that you can operate without any difficulties. If you have to use this device, your life may be in danger. This means that you can't afford the time to refresh yourself on how to use it. It should be as simple as pulling a pin and pressing down on the lever. Making sure that you choose a fire extinguisher that is extremely easy to use will be a decision that you'll never regret — even if you have the fortune of never actually having to use the device.

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