How Parents Can Build Their Kiddos The Perfect DIY Bed

26 April 2019
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One of the more important pieces of furniture to go in your child's bedroom is a bed. This is where they'll be sleeping after all. If you're looking for something out of the norm, consider creating your own kids bed. This DIY project can go smoothly too if you remember the following tips. 

Create a Model 

Before you start buying materials and constructing, you first need an idea of what the DIY kids bed will look like. You'll have an easier time with this by creating a model, preferably a three-dimensional figure that represents what design ideas you're looking to bring to life.

Grab some thick construction paper and start folding away. Don't be afraid to take a unique approach to this model bed either. Try unique shapes that you may have never thought a bed could have. Keep constructing and adjusting until you're happy with the final prototype. 

Focus on Saving Space 

You want your child's DIY bed to be unique, but it's always important to save space any way you can. Your child then will have more room in their bedroom to play throughout the day. There are many ways to save space with a DIY kids bed.

For example, you can design it to where it folds completely up against the wall. Only when they're ready for bed can you tilt it down into a flat position. Or, you can create a dual purpose for the bed. A freestanding platform provides a place for a mattress at the top, while the bottom can have an open design where you put a desk or perhaps an entertainment center. 

Test Finished Bed's Sturdiness and Stability 

No matter what type of bed you have in mind for your child, it needs to be sturdy and stable. Failing to meet these requirements could result in an injury later down the road. Once you have finished making the bed, put it through a stress test. 

Put some weights in a pillow until it weighs the same as your child. Then, place it on the bed's platform with the mattress to see if it will hold. Make sure there isn't any swaying or warping. If the bed holds up under this stress test, you can be confident in the bed fully supporting your child. 

Creating a DIY bed for your child is perfect if you're looking for something truly unique for their bedroom. As long as you follow the right protocol and focus on the practical aspects of this build, you shouldn't have any trouble bringing your bed ideas to life.