Tips For Avoiding Building Code Violations

17 June 2019
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Constructing a building is an extremely complicated affair, and it should not come as a surprise that problems with the construction techniques or plans can put the structure at jeopardy. For these reasons, communities will usually have strict building codes for the structures that are erected within their jurisdiction.

Avoid Attempting Your Own Structurally Significant Modifications And Repairs

Homeowners will often get themselves into trouble when they are attempting to complete their own structurally significant repairs and modification. For example, a homeowner that removes or repairs a loadbearing beam could put much of the home at risk of developing damage. In addition to the risk of directly causing damage to the structure, these mistakes could also put it in violation of the local building codes. This could have the result of leading to fines for the owner as well as potentially making it more difficult to sell the home in the future.

Correct Building Code Violations When They Are Discovered

It can be a common situation for homeowners to find that their building is actually in violation of local building codes due to work that was done by previous owners or contractors. When you discover this issue, you should avoid the mistake of delaying repairs to this problem. In addition to making any current projects you are wanting to undertake more difficult, these violations can represent safety risks as you may not be able to know when the home will experience a structural problem related to the violation. By acting promptly to repair any building code violations that are discovered, you can help to ensure that your house will be as safe as possible.

Have A Building Inspection Done After Any Major Projects

After a major renovation, addition or other structural change to the home, it is usually advisable to request a home inspection. These inspections will allow for building code violations to be identified so that the contractor that did the work will be able to repair the mistake. Additionally, many communities will require at least an inspection of the work area after a major project has been completed, and you might need to submit this paperwork as part of your agreement to receive the initial permit. The amount of time that is needed for one of these inspections should only be a few hours, but it will potentially spare you considerable headaches and expenses in the future. Keeping your copy of the inspection report in a secure location can be prudent as this will ensure you are able to provide copies of this inspection if they are needed in the future.

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