6 Mistakes That Could Unnecessarily Increase The Costs Of Courier Delivery

20 March 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


Courier delivery can be a fast and convenient way to manage your deliveries. If you've decided to take advantage of courier delivery, there are some things you need to know about bringing down the costs of this service.

Unfortunately, clients sometimes make mistakes that unnecessarily drive up courier delivery costs. The following are six mistakes to avoid to minimize costs for courier delivery

1. Using excessively large packaging

Courier services might charge differently than the post office does. They could focus more on the dimensions of the packaging than the weight when calculating costs. It's, therefore, best to find packaging that fits around the item you're having delivered as tightly as possible. 

2. Being disorganized with your courier deliveries

Organization is important. If you are disorganized when you hand your packages over to your courier service, mix-ups and mistakes will be more likely. These issues will not only make deliveries take longer but could lead to added charges.

Keep your packages carefully organized and double-check to make sure that recipient name and address are correct on each package. 

3. Ordering deliveries separately rather than all at once

A lot of courier services will provide bulk discounts. You'll be especially likely to pay less for bulk orders if most of your deliveries are going to and from the same places.

With bulk orders, you can minimize the amount of times the courier service has to go back and forth between the two places. This simplifies the job for your courier service and means lower prices for you. 

4. Hiring a courier who is located some distance from you or your recipient's addresses

You're going to pay more if your courier has to travel long distances to make a delivery. You therefore want to find a courier service that typically does business in the origin and destination locations for your deliveries. 

5. Neglecting to compare costs between different courier services

You should definitely take some time to research your courier delivery options. You should also compare prices between different services. Some courier delivery services will charge more than others.

You need to find a service with competitive prices that you can also rely on for prompt deliveries. 

6. Trying to arrange courier delivery at the last minute

You're definitely going to have to pay more for faster courier deliveries. If you make arrangements in advance, you won't need your delivery to be completed so quickly. This means you won't have to pay a premium for a rushed delivery.