3 Reasons to Use a Public Strategy Firm If You Are a Public Figure

11 June 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


Whether you are a celebrity or a politician, if you are someone who has recently become a public figure, it's a good idea to have a public strategy firm on your side. A public strategy firm is used by most well-known people to help them with public issues. There are a few key ways a reputable firm will be able to help you as you become more publicly known in any public capacity.

1. Manage Your Messaging

One of the things that a public strategy firm does that is essential to public figures is to manage your public brand. In a company, the brand helps market whatever products a company has. When it comes to a public figure, the public figure is the brand. A public strategy firm will manage press releases, public speeches, and public statements that you or your team will make in public. As part of messaging, your publicist from the strategy firm may also help you decide which events would best be in line with the public persona or public message you want to convey about yourself. For politicians, a publicist will also be helpful in helping you navigate how supporting different policies may impact your campaign or leadership.

2. Manage Any Scandals

Public strategy firms also help public figures when there is a scandal or bad press. One of the ways they do this is by helping a public person manage any potential damage to his or her reputation. A publicist will help you with any apology that you may need to make. In some cases, it may be decided that you will need to make a public apology via a statement, or it may be better for you to give a public address personally. Publicists are experts at managing public perception during a crisis, and your public strategy firm will give you the right publicist for whatever type of scandal you may face.

3. Manage Public Interest

Publicists help public figures grow their influence. Whenever there is good news about something you are doing as a public figure, your public strategy team will help you get other public people to promote your causes. They will also be able to promote what you are doing through local and national media that may be interested in something you are involved with that is newsworthy. By using the positive things about your public image to promote and increase your influence, you will be able to grow your brand and reach more people with any message or causes you may be interested in.

Navigating public affairs can be challenging on a lot of different fronts. Even if you are a good communicator and self-promoter, having a team of expert communicators manage your public image in an objective way can be helpful.