Have Leaking Water Behind The Shower Wall? Call A Plumbing Service Fast

17 September 2020
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If you have a plumbing drip that has turned into a leak behind your shower wall, you want to call a plumber to stop the leak and assess the damage. The leak may not just mean you need plumbing repairs, but there could be other damage to the materials in the bathroom as well.

Shower fixtures like faucets and spouts can rust and corrode, along with the plumbing. If this is happening in your home, you may need to have all your plumbing inspected. Start by calling a plumber and then inquire about these things.

Fixing the Leak

A leak in the pipes has to be fixed right away. This may mean removing the shower or bath shell, cutting through the drywall, or removing flooring to get to the interior wall piping. When this occurs, consider the following:

  • Replacing the pipes to prevent future leaks
  • Having all fasteners and components replaced
  • Changing to PVC piping
  • Adding insulation around the pipes

You want the pipe leak to be fixed right. Instead of trying to salvage old pipes by just changing the fittings, consider replacing the plumbing so you don't have to fix this issue again.

Concerns About Similar Fixtures and Pipes

If you have similar fixtures and leaks and you are concerned, have the plumbers look through the piping around the home with a camera. They can look at all the internal pipes to see if there are signs of rust and corrosion, if there is a lot of buildup, or if there are other leaks around the property.

Repair the Damage

Once the plumbing professional has fixed the leak, there may need to be drywall repairs or shell replacement. Have the area treated for mold, sealed, repaired, and then have the new shell, tile, or casing put in where the shower needs to be. After that, the plumber can install or replace the handle or fixture that is used to control the shower.

If this leak occurred throughout the house, you may want to have a mold and mildew expert come to the property to make sure that the water was extracted and managed as needed. You want the repair to be fixed properly so be sure to use a certified plumber and consider replacing other plumbing components in the house in other shower units if they have the same age components so you can prevent another leak from happening soon.

For more information, contact a local plumbing service.