A Trucker's Guide To Finding The Best Truck Driving Job

22 September 2021
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Trucks have become indispensable assets for many companies, ranging from appliance delivery and laundry transportation to furniture movers and air freight enterprises.  And, as these businesses acquire more trucks for their growing operations, the demand for truck drivers increases. In fact, according to research, over the next decade, the trucking industry will only be able to keep up with demand by hiring close to 110,000 new drivers per year. If you are a trained trucker, those numbers are pretty appealing. But, do you know how to identify a suitable trucking job? Well, it all begins with factoring in the following:

1.       Pay

Most companies pay their truckers a specific rate per mile traveled rather than hourly rates. The pay depends on the company, driver's experience, and route to be covered. In a nutshell, the more experienced a truck driver is, the higher the pay. However, in the United States, a trucker's average yearly salary is $68,138. Before signing a contract with a company, ensure you are familiar with its pay rate. Plus, inquire about regular raises, accessorial pay, and bonuses.

2.       Safety

A truck driver's job comes with many responsibilities. These responsibilities sometimes force truck drivers into pushing beyond practical limits to meet deadlines. That can be detrimental because statistics show that tired drivers are responsible for an estimated 30-40% of truck accidents. That is why it's advisable to choose employers that schedule travels reasonably to allow sufficient time to rest, provide truck drivers with safety training, and regularly inspect and service their trucks.

3.       Truck accessories

As an ordinary truck driver, expect to spend weeks on the road. And, during this time, the truck is your home. Therefore, you need to ensure the one assigned to you is comfortable. First, check the condition and maneuverability of the truck seat because trucking involves sitting and driving for long hours. Moreover, it's even better if the company's trucks have accessories like dashboard mounts for charging your gadgets or a mini-fridge for your food and drinks, plus a bed compartment for resting.

4.       At-home time

Trucking isn't supposed to keep you away from your home and loved ones for a lifetime. You will be on the road for a few weeks and then get some at-home time. At-home time refers to the frequency of your going home to spend with family and friends. An ideal company offers you regular and consistent at-home time, so you miss as few significant events and holidays as possible.

5.       Turnover rate

A company's turnover rate is the rate at which employees resign or get fired and new ones are hired. It speaks volumes about how the management treats truckers. If a company has a low turnover rate, their drivers are well-cared for, receive fair pay and reasonable at-home time, and, consequently, prefer to stay. Thus, you are more likely to find stable employment and satisfactory experiences in your career as a trucker with such a company.

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