Why You Should Ship Your Important Documents In Mailing Tubes

4 November 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Do you frequently ship out a lot of documentation to clients or customers? Have you had issues in the past with your documentation being overlooked or getting lost under a stack of other envelopes? One option that might help you in a number of different ways might be to start shipping your contacts and other important documentation in mailing tubes. Here's why this type of packaging might be ideal for your company moving forward.

Mailing Tubes Won't Get Lost or Overlooked in a Sea of Envelopes

If your customer or client is someone who receives dozens or hundreds of packages on a daily or weekly basis, it's possible your documentation will get buried in a pile somewhere and it could be some time before anyone gets to it. There's also the possibility that it could be lost or overlooked entirely. But a mailing tube really stands out from the crowd. It won't get just tossed onto the pile with the other envelopes or packets. Whoever sorts the mail might even think it's especially important and move it forward towards whoever it's intended for much more quickly than they would otherwise.

The Documents Inside the Tube Won't Get Creased or Otherwise Damaged During Transit

When you ship important documents in a standard envelope, you might have to fold the paper over and crease it. You also run the risk of the envelope itself getting creased or folded during the shipping process. When you put documents into a mailing tube, you simply roll them and then insert them with ease. The documents will be removed from the tube in pristine condition with no creases or other obvious damage. Your documents will look more professional when they arrive in the client or customer's hands.

Mailing Tubes Are Sturdy But Lightweight and Can Save You Money on Shipping Costs

Mailing tubes can indeed protect your documents as was just described. The tubes tend to be made of cardboard or plastic and won't bend easily. But don't associate being sturdy with being heavy. Most mailing tubes, the cardboard ones especially, are very light-weight. A standard cardboard mailing tube might weigh less than the kind of sturdy or heavy envelope you might otherwise use to protect sensitive documents. What this means is that in the long run, the lower weight of your shipping tubes can lower your company's shipping costs.

Make the switch to mailing tubes today to make your documents stand out from the crowd and protect them while in transit. Contact a local supplier or vendor of mailing or shipping products for more information about mailing tubes.