Keeping Your Home Safe With Fire Extinguishers

20 December 2021
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Fire extinguishers are a critical tool in protecting your home against the risk of fire. Unfortunately, homeowners may fail to invest in these pieces of equipment due to assuming that only commercial properties will need these devices. In reality, every home may benefit from having fire extinguishers.

Myth: It Does Not Matter What Type Of Fire Extinguisher You Buy

As you are looking at your options for buying a fire extinguisher, it is important to be aware that these devices can be rated to handle different fire types and severities. For example, a fire extinguisher that is designed for use on paper fires may be less effective on an electrical fire.

Myth: You Will Only Need One Fire Extinguisher For Your Home

Since fire extinguishers will typically be rated for specific types of fires, it can be wise to have multiple fire extinguishers in your home so that you will be prepared for the more common types of home fires. When deciding where to place these fire extinguishers, prioritize the fire extinguisher's rating so that it can combat the kind of fire that is most likely to occur. For example, a fire extinguisher that is suitable for grease and oil fires should be placed in the kitchen while one that is intended for electrical fires should be located in a central location as electrical fires may occur throughout a home. When placing the fire extinguishers, they should be in a visible area. This may compromise the interior design scheme, but it is essential for individuals to quickly find the fire extinguisher in an emergency situation.

Myth: Fire Extinguishers Will Not Require Any Maintenance

A common assumption about fire extinguishers is that they will never require major maintenance to keep them operational. Yet, there are a number of ways that a fire extinguisher could fail if it has not been properly maintained. For example, the fire extinguisher may gradually lose pressure, which could prevent it from effectively spraying the fire suppression foam. Additionally, corrosion on the handle could make the fire extinguisher very difficult or impossible to operate. To make sure that your home's fire extinguishers avoid these issues, they should be pressurized and inspected annually. Luckily, many local fire departments will periodically offer days where this service is free of charge. This can be a simple way of making sure that your home's fire extinguishers will be ready when you need them in an emergency situation.

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