Considering A Truck Driving Job? Know These Pros And Cons

19 July 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


Are you looking for a job and considering one where you are driving a truck? If so, it will help to know some of the pros and cons of this profession.

Pro: Great For Introverts

A truck driving job is really great for anyone that considers themselves an introvert. This is because you are not talking with passengers, have very little interaction with employers, and are generally on your own for much of the time. The only thing that you need to be focused on is the road, which removes many of the elements of typical jobs that you may not enjoy.

Con: Lack Of Creature Comforts

Being a truck driver means that you are not going to have a lot of creature comforts that you have at home. This can be things like being able to cook a meal in a kitchen or even the ability to shower regularly. You're living on the road much of the time, so you need to adjust to what is required to live in your truck. 

Pro: Control Over Your Environment

You do not have a lot of control over your schedule and destinations, but you do have a lot of control over your own environment. Since you are driving on your own, you can control the temperature of your cab, the music or radio station that you listen to, and when you stop for breaks. You even have a lot of leeway for when you start and stop your day since it is not a typical 9 to 5 type of job. 

Con: Long Schedules

Be aware that the trucking industry doesn't have a traditional five-day-a-week work schedule. You may find yourself working through the weekends multiple times due to the way that the work is scheduled. While this may be doable for someone that is single, it can be more difficult for someone that has a family.

Pro: Travel The Country

Being a truck driver allows you to see a lot of the country. While you are on the road the majority of the time, you do have opportunities to see different places that you normally wouldn't get to visit on your own. Visiting different cities and towns can be an enjoyable experience for many people.

If you think that the life of a truck driver is going to be right for you, consider looking into driving jobs that you can apply for.