2 Factors to Consider When Buying Commercial Recycling Containers

19 September 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


Commercial settings produce a tremendous amount of recyclable waste. But, most of the recyclable waste gets mixed up with non-recyclable trash and ends up in landfills.

Thus, it would help to use commercial recycling containers to separate the recyclable waste. Commercial recycling containers are trash bins designated for recyclable waste. Hence, the containers are available in different colors and labels for different types of recyclable waste. 

Here are the two essential factors you should consider when purchasing commercial recycling containers. 

1. Types of Recyclable Trash You Produce

The point of getting commercial recycling containers is to make sorting recyclable waste much more effortless. As a result, it is advisable to separate the different types of recyclable waste your business produces. For instance, in an office setting, there are four common types of recyclable waste produced, namely:

  • Paper waste from discarded or shredded documents
  • Plastic waste from discarded plastic bottles or food dishes
  • Compost waste from discarded foods
  • Metallic waste from food or beverage cans

But, recycling the above recyclable waste occurs in different recycling centers. As a result, it would help to have several recycling containers designated for different types of recyclable waste. 

Commercial recycling containers come with different labels and colors that depict the type of waste they should hold. For instance: 

  • Blue containers are for paper waste
  • Red containers are for plastic waste
  • Green containers are for glass waste
  • Grey or black containers are for metallic waste 

Nonetheless, the above color codes can change based on your jurisdiction. Hence, your area's color codes might differ from the above examples. 

2. Container Capacity

Commercial recycling containers come in different sizes. Hence, the suitable recycling container capacity for your business will depend on:

  • How much recyclable waste your business produces 
  • Available indoor or outdoor space for placing the containers

If your business produces a large amount of recyclable waste, you should get sizable commercial recycling containers. But, getting large commercial recycling containers brings about the issue of where to place them. Besides, large containers may not fit inside your premises if you have a small space. 

As a result, you may have to place the large recycling bins outside. Nonetheless, you can still get both large and small commercial recycling containers. You can use the small containers indoors so people can quickly dispose of their waste without going outside. And when the small indoor containers fill up, you can empty them using the larger outdoor containers.